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Thai culture dating

I opened my account with my passport, Non Immigrant O visa and my driver's licence. This was done at the Exchange Tower branch in Asoke, Bangkok.

The rule regarding a letter from the embassy was not in place when I opened my account.

This will save other readers time and hassle, and help them find the most “farang-friendly” branches, so to speak. He had previously tried at the Central Rama 9 branch and failed.

If you have a work permit, are a permanent resident, or hold a long-stay visa, you can apply for a wider range of services such as a cheque account, internet banking and online international funds transfer services.

He showed his Non-Immigrant O-A visa (retirement visa). He used his girlfriend's address, but they did not require evidence of this. Once you have opened your Thai bank account, you'll want to start transferring money into it from your home country.

I now regularly transfer money to my Thai account via Transferwise (read this post after this one), which means I avoid the bank sending and receiving charges, and currency conversion fees. Things are a hell of a lot easier in Thailand when you have a Thai ATM card and an account to transfer money into.So before you trudge around town and get frustrated as hell, read this post and see which bank is most likely to work best for your situation.What I've done is documented my experiences with the various banks, and provided their requirements below.When I did cite the requirements stated on the website, I was told that “things had changed”, or “the manager said…”So I knew I had to write a post on this, because I figured others must be struggling too.It's now almost 2018, and since writing the first version of that post, hundreds of people have left their experiences of opening bank accounts in Thailand, making this post a solid resource for others wanting to do the same.

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I tried at least five different branches of different bank brands before I had success.