The dating game skit

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The dating game skit

OR The PRINCE can sit downstage, and the DAMSELS upstage, behind him. ) Thank you Johnny-OBanter and his motley orchestra of indentured minstrels. This capable girl can set the table and cook up a meal for 7 hungry mouths plus herself! The PRINCE may not turn around to see them behind him. (MUSIC Louder for a moment, then back to normal) I am your Host: Rumplestiltskin ( or Witch Warty-Nose). She has known a lot of very short men and would love to date a fellow she can look up to. (CINDERELLA holds up a foot, hopping.) HOST - A bit of artistic license there by the Brothers Grimm . She is a good hearted gal, and looking for a fine upright young prince to sweep her off her feet. Our next contestant is Marsha Brandy, a 26 year old architect from Kansas City, Vermont. She enjoys romantic dinners, long walks on the beach, and clichéd over used jokes. (She enters) Host: And now please welcome Date Prospect Number 1 and Date Prospect Number 2. Marsha: Dating Prospect number 1, what traits do you want in your perfect woman? (CINDERELLA ENTERS and dances in swirls) Look at that grace and elegance! This lovely lady loves to dance, especially ballroom dancing...

DP2: Tons of money, all the cities of the earth, apples. HOW TO MEMORIZE The SHOW HOST has the script written on index cards or a clipboard. The HOST hands the Question cards to the PRINCE, and prompts the PRINCE to read each question. DP1: I would like you to stop those things, but for your sake not mine. DP 2: Eat a lot, lust after you, make myself seem really great so you like me better, spend a lot of money on you. I bet your perfect date is serving food to the homeless. Marsha: What’s your perfect date, Dating Prospect 2?

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No one is really like that: Loving and caring and forgiving, give me a break. And dating Prospect number 2 is Satan, the great tempter and Liar. Maybe some other time, like if I run out of options.