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Tips on dating a professional athlete

I don't think my boyfriend understood how much time I put in to practice and how completely exhausted I am afterwards, it really was horrible to tell him sometimes I couldn't do something he was excited about for a competetion I think it's define you a challenge for both I'd agree with most of this.

We all have a passion for something, and we'd want to get the support from others, specially our better half.

On top of that, the 14-hour time difference makes it difficult to keep in touch with friends and many of our relationships have suffered because of it.

Are the few advantages really worth all the sacrifices?

Moreover, I look forward to every summer when my husband gets two to three months off (as opposed to the two weeks or less of vacation time he would likely get if he worked a "normal" job) that we can spend traveling and catching up with friends and family.

This season, we are living in Chiba, Japan, and the situation is exactly the same.I have no regrets when it comes to who I chose to spend my life with, our relationship, or the experiences we've had living overseas as newlyweds.Our lifestyle has inspired me to create my blog, establish a travel itinerary planning service, launch a t-shirt line, and do so many other things that I never thought I would.I often get requests from teenage girls because, let's be honest, those are the only people who still watch reruns on MTV and come across the almost decade old episode featuring my 16th birthday party.Usually, I approve as long as the page doesn't look creepy and go about my business, but as I read the young lady's bio, I stopped.

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