Ts post op phone chat

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Ts post op phone chat

It’s a little more convenient than using e-mail, and you’ll often get quicker responses.

Since Facebook patched the instant chat widget into the messaging system, the real time aspect has taken on a new light.

You can set your preferred language to Spanish, Deutsch, French, Afrikaans, and any other language that can be translated from English.

Most people don’t realize that there are several versions of plain ol’ English available to spice up your Facebook account. Try switching your language settings to English (Pirate).

This setting takes you back to a more swashbuckling, plundering version of English.

One of my favorite language settings (but not really) is Leet Speak.

Facebook's Hidden Inbox has kept more than a few important messages from reaching their intended recipients.

I almost missed a trip sponsored by Chrysler that is valued at about 2,000$ because Facebook thinks I don't want to talk to anyone I'm not a friend with!

If you have been tagged as a careless user with a history of contacting others who weren’t receptive, you’re more likely to end up in the other box.If leet speak or Pirate talk isn’t quite your thing, Facebook also has a setting for English (upside down).I guess when you’ve answered the most pressing issues and can’t change your application any more without screwing something up (which is the view many users have with Facebook changes) perfecting useless language translations is a way to keep your staff busy!Since the algorithm updates, the removal of branded pages’ ability to send messages, and Facebook’s focus on limiting connection to users that you know outside of Facebook, the “Other Messages” folder has become a catchall for pretty much any message that doesn’t come from a friend.If there are too many links, the message will probably end up in the other folder.

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The privacy settings included in the Facebook application are extensive and powerful.

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