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Unlike i Web, however, Sandvox is showing you fully constructed HTML for each page.You can even look at the HTML for an entire page using the "Develop → Web View → HTML Source" menu item.i Web sites are built one page at a time, with each element of each new page frequently needing to be hand-tuned to look just right.Great for small sites with only a few pages to maintain, particularly if each page is one of the pre-canned page types where design elements are intended to be radically different from page to page.Backed by an editable version of Safari’s Web Kit, the Web Editor is where you edit the content of your site as well as see it take shape exactly as it will appear in Safari and other browsers.Like i Web, and unlike other products, there is no preview mode separate from the live editor.You can browse through the themes in the left pane of the New Page dialog box and see thumbnails of each page type in the right pane (see Figure 1).

Each theme contains templates for the same six types of pages: Welcome, About Me, Photo Album, Movie, Blog, and Podcast.

The first time you launch i Web, it begins by asking you to select a template for your new Web site.

It also asks this any time you create an additional page or blog (by selecting New Page from the File menu or typing the Apple-N key combination).

It is the narrow column to the left or right, depending on design, of the main text and is often used to hold smaller, secondary content such as badges, Like buttons, images, and so forth.

The Web Editor, known as the Canvas in i Web, is where you compose your site.

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i Web is the newest addition to the Apple i Life application suite and it is one of the easiest-to-use consumer Web site tools available.

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