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This table is a list of error codes for Pocket PC 2002, 2003, Smartphone 2002, 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5 devices (including Standard, Professional and Classic), Windows Phone 7 and 7.1 as well as solutions. Tap Options, and then the Server tab to verify that your server name is correct. On your Smartphone 2003-based device, click Start, Active Sync, Menu, Options, Server Settings, Connection and check the box ? See Error message when you try to synchronize a mobile device with Exchange Server 2003: "HTTP_403" 6. Additionally, verify the value of the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\ Mas Sync\Parameters\Exch Timeout Threshold The connection failed due to missing server information or user credentials. Also, see Microsoft KB Article 817379 for information on configuring the Exchange virtual directory.5.Generally, it is a temporary or recoverable situation. - OR - Synchronization failed due to an error on the server. - OR - An authentication error occurred connecting to the server.- OR - You changed the IP address of the Exchange Server Verify that the HTTP server is available and try again.May require user to de-select sync items (Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks) and re-select them to reset the sync key.1.Contact your Exchange administrator to change the limits on your mailbox. The Exchange Active Sync component uses Kerberos authentication when communicating with the Exchange server.2. To enable Integrated Windows Authentication on the Exchange virtual root 2. The Max Client Request Buffer can be increased as outlined in the KB 260694 Description of the Max Client Request Buffer Registry Value 6.Windows Integrated Authentication is enabled on the Exchange virtual directory on the Exchange server, but Kerberos is disabled via the IIS metabase.? Kerberos is enabled, but IIS may return HTTP Status 401 every 30 Days when using Kerberos on Windows 2000. The TMP/TEMP environment variable on the Exchange server is not pointing to a valid directory or there is not enough disk space or the user performing sync does not have access to the TMP/TEMP folder on the Exchange server. Re-enable Kerberos on the Exchange server by following the instructions in the KB Article 215383 HOW TO: Configure IIS to Support Both Kerberos and NTLM Authentication 3. Deselect the datatype(usually calendar) and then reselect the datatype.Verify that the server is listening on the SSL port and that the device can connect to the server over SSL.1. You are using a Windows Mobile 2002-based device or a Windows Mobile 2003-based device with SSL. Attempt sync after a valid certificate is installed on the server. The shell adjusts allocation of storage and program memory.

Verify that host headers are configured correctly.4.

If you are using Exchange 2003 on Windows 2000, obtain the hot fix outlined in KB 329938 by calling Microsoft Product Support Services. Try to delete items in your mailbox to bring it within limits or contact your Exchange administrator to change the limits on your mailbox. Uncheck anonymous authentication on the Microsoft-Server-Active Sync virtual directory on the server. Change the IIS Default Web Sites\Exchange-Oma virtual server IP address to deny all except the server's new IP address.13. Reduce the number of top level folders to 372 or less by moving some top level folders to be subfolders or use a Windows Mobile 2003-based device 3. The requested operation cannot be carried out because the handle supplied is not in the correct state. The Disable Certificate Validation tool is part of the Exchange 2003 All-in-one Tools package available from

You receive an HTTP_500 error message when you synchronize your mobile device with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 See How to troubleshoot server Active Sync HTTP error codes15. Generally, this is a temporary and recoverable situation.- OR - Synchronization failed due to a device software error. Family Id=E0F616C6-8FA4-4768-A3ED-CC09AEF7B60A&displaylang=en Please see the readme that is provided with the tool for more information. Root certificates can also be added to the Pocket PC 2003-based device. DER file for your root certificate to the Pocket PC 2003-based device. Pocket PC 2003-based devices will prompt you to add the certificate to the root store.1. This could occur if a problem was encountered while the server was in the midst of transmitting data.

You will lose only the changes made since your last successful sync.1.

Windows Integrated Authentication is not enabled on the Exchange virtual directory on the Exchange server. These errors may occur if you are using a newer version of the sync ROM that is not compatible with the version of Microsoft Server Active Sync (MSAS) on your server.1.

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