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It also doesn't pick up the "required" message as defined in the grid's data Source definition.

Format("The string '' parsed to ''", input, dt)) Else Message Box. The validation function is: Hello Bernhard, The best place to enhance the parsing logic of the widget is in the widget itself.Mutating the model/widget value inside the validator logic is not a stable solution and could have many side effects.Hello, I have a datepicker with validation rule that calculates a new date, if the input is a number. if today is 12/24/2016 and I type in 2 I get the date 12/26/2016. This happens if I type in a number and after that i click on another gridcolumn. But if the datefield is in a grid, the date is not always set, only every second time.

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Came across a small issue - I have a function where I pass DATE as String.

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