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Validating user input in php

The other ones were tasked with implementing a given formatting strategy.Although the example that I just described may seem rather basic, it shows in a nutshell the logic that drives the strategy pattern: on one hand there’s a class that sets the context as to where a predefined group of strategies will be applied, while on the other hand there’s one or more classes that implement these strategies.As I promised before, here are all the classes that I built over the course of this tutorial to apply the strategy pattern with PHP 5: That’s it.

Introduction Going back quickly to the topics covered in the first tutorial of the series, certainly you’ll remember that I explained the foundations of the strategy design pattern, and complemented the theory with some practical examples of how to apply this handy pattern in PHP 5.All right, I believe that all these examples should give you an approximate idea of how the strategy pattern can be used in a real-world situation.In the last section of this tutorial I’m going to list all the classes that you learned here.Based upon this scenario, I developed a set of simple PHP classes.One of them was defined as a strategy selector, handy for determining what type of format (HTML or XML) had to be applied to certain file data.

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