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Vba screen updating status bar

The second option is to show the progress directly on the active worksheet: a simple text, a pseudo bar chart using the REPT function, a percentage value with a Conditional Formatting Data Bar, a standard bar chart or a faked bar chart with a freeform shape (see screenshot left).

The advantage: you have more options where to display the progress information on your worksheet or dashboard and how it looks like (i.e. The disadvantage: you have to write data from VBA to the worksheet very often and this can be time-consuming (see here for more information: Excel VBA Read and Write Performance Test).

Even before I started to develop the speed comparison tool for the progress indicators described above, I had some expectations (or maybe gut feeling) of how the results would probably look like: Well, it turned out that some my assumptions were correct, but there were also some surprises I didn’t expect.

Now, let’s have a look at the results of a speed comparison test for 1,000 iterations: First, here are the results which fit to my expectations: Just a few things I learned.

Last approach is the usual suspect and probably preferred by most Excel VBA developers: Display a user form during the execution of your code: a small window without any buttons for interaction, automatically updated showing a progress bar and unloaded after the code is finished.All you need in your VBA code is a statement like: Application.Status Bar = “Processing…” and you will see the text “Processing…” in the status bar of your Excel window.If your Excel model includes time consuming VBA procedures or algorithms, you certainly want to update the users about the progress of the code.In principle, there are three different approaches: you can either update Excel’s Status Bar at the bottom left of the Excel window, use a dedicated cell range or an object (e.g.

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For details of the circumstances causing “Calculate” to appear in the statusbar see just spent the best part of 2 days sorting out what looked like a problem with a lot of complicated VBA Fast Excel code I have just discovered that its not a Fast Excel problem at all: (Single Document Interface – each window is separate from the others.