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What we're saying is, when you are choosing not to date us do you also have to give us all these Hateful, all this hateful rhetoric around why we're not good enough. Again, it wasn't that he, he mentioned [UNKNOWN] had a lot of support when that show was on Netflix.Or there's countless other celebrities who are married to white women or woman of color, non-black women of color who have our support.And I think there are folks like Sonja Renee Taylor who talks about the body not being an apology, who are uplifting All people but especially black women to say you know what, regardless of what society is telling you or regardless of how they are treating you, you yourself are valuable. Comments though don't necessarily come out with them being like! It's always [LAUGH], I have a preference in black women all the way.And I think again, he needs to hanker down on that. So When I think about these comments or look over them, I think we think things like this are funny or a joke.

No totally, once I was interviewing Gabriel Union and she told me that there was a post she had where it was her, Dwayne Wade and all of them on vacation. It's like I have a preference of only Only dating a certain type of woman and I don't like black women, right.

Yeah, and it's funny because those kinda jokes, they have a lot of weight to them. Rather, black women are Highlighting that they're hurt sometimes by how we're treated in addition to seeing people who look like us not loving us especially people who look like us in positions of power.

They're was a photo that came out of like All the super star black men at the Met Gala and people notice how a lot of their wives don't look like dark skinned women or look like themselves.

[BLANK_AUDIO] Feminist and co host of the Black Joy Mixtape, Amber J. I think they still get people write that because there is never like this.

Why do you think this issue of black man dating outside their race still gets people so riled up in 2017?

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But these kind of things are why today we're celebrating Sandra Bland's birthday without her.