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Being active and eating healthy helps me balance my work and personal life to the best of my abilities.” “Muay Thai everyday to let off some steam.” “My passion and #1 hobby is travel and hiking.

Its a great hobby because I get to hang my art collection on the office walls.” “Our hobby is death defying, adrenaline pumping, and pure fun.Pretty cliche but always like the idea as a kid but never really did it, then tried it a few years ago and was hooked.Now every holiday I go on is usually centred around surfing.You have to navigate through unknown waters and I’ve learned it’s better to avoid rough waters instead of confront them.Sometimes you go with the wind and sometimes you tack against it- both ways are equally exciting and will bring you to the next level, which is where you want to be.” “I started learning Tai Chi & Qigong about 10 years ago and have gotten progressively addicted over the years.

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Probably the only place where I manage to escape a tv screen, laptop or my phone!

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